2019 Royal Enfield Himalayan BSIV “Billy”

After doing some mild offroad with the Suzuki Vstrom for a season it has become painfully obvious that I need a lighter bike. The DL1000 is great for getting there and really good on the fire roads and such but I don’t have the nerve for it in moments and have wished for a lighter, lower bike after dropping Blue a few times. It boils down to me needing more practice on something less daunting.

In comes the Indian made wonderbike born for just that – dirt. Not the best high speed bike, it lopes right along on a trail and sits low enough you aren’t stressed all the time about losing it in a rut or down a hill. It might be more mental for me than anything but I will take it and Billy and I are training for the local trips where there is no highway.

I am amazed at the difference in feel 100 lbs makes in a motorcycle. This one in comparison is like a moped to anything I have ever ridden.

It is mostly all metal construction with a little lacking in the fastener department. I am finding nuts and bolts a bit loose and some fo the fit and finish is a little rustic but that seems to go along with it’s third world feel. Besides, I am all about tinkering and for a new motorcycle this one was a steal.