Homemade Motorcycle Trailer

 I had this small hand – made flatbed trailer I had put together years ago and it was collecting dust. Very useful back in the day for hauling trash from a jobsite  at the end of a project, but those days are gone and replaced by a pickup truck. I decided this trailer was going to have a new life as a carrier for a single motorcycle.

Would it work? Maybe.  It was interesting enough to try…


It is a little unusual in its design in that the bike sits backwards on the trailer. This requires some special loading but can be done with one person. 

What this setup does is put the majority of the weight directly over the single axle and just enough tongue weight to ride properly. I have tested this arrangement for 4 hours with an 850 lb Goldwing on mountain roads – pulled with a Honda Element.  It works!

A better ramp system is needed obviously. I have a stamped steel ramp set that will also double as running boards on the deck once the bike is loaded.

This whole rig is small enough I can easily move it by hand and even drag it back and forth if I want. Honestly it is much easier than loading in the truck bed.